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About the Maker

Hell-o travellers! I'm Random the Hellhound!

I'm a fursuiter and fursuit maker from Italy since 2019. I started as a cosplayer in 2015, studying fabrics and sewing for fun as a self-taught. I currently work alone, hoping to grow in this field.  I can’t wait to get to know you, and your character better as we go on this making journey together!

I started to organized furmeets events in the north-east of Italy in 2022, working with associations in the area.

About the Artist

Hi there! I'm Shiny the Raccoon!

I started to draw when I was young and this passion has grown with me. Thanks to many people who trusted in me, I started to take commissions last summer to get involved in the digital art's world.

In this website you can find my personal page with some arts by me, prices for commissions and my Terms of Service. Follow this link!

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