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Terms of Service

Please read in full before commissioning a Random Rituals'  fursuit, by commissioning us you agree to all terms outlined below, regardless of wether you have read it or not.

General Warning

I don't have any problem if you use my fursuits in a NSFW way ONLY IF both parts are consentig adults.
Due to hygenic issues, the warranty will be removed.
I don't accept any act of homophobia, pedophilia, zoophilia, transphobia, xenophobia or any kind of harassment. If you know someone who are waiting a work by me or already have one and falls in one or more of previous topics, please contact me. I'll take measures based on the evidences.


To secure a slot, you must contact me via socials or e-mail for a quote. If you accept the quote, I’ll ask you a deposit and I'll add you to the waiting list. The deposit will be atleast a 10% of the final price for small orders (tails, paws), or atleast 200/500€ for big orders (Head, partials, fullsuits). By paying the Deposit you are accepting my ToS. This is a non refundable under ANY circumstances. The deposit is used to order firsts materials to make your fursuit. Payment is done via PayPal or bank transfer and is in EUR. Paypal automatically converts payments from your local currency to EUR, however rough estimates in your own currency can be made via Google’s currency exchange estimator.

You can ask to have from 2 to 6 installments, one for the deposit, and others for the remaining. Fursuits will not be shipped out until full payment is received.

Payment plans can be discussed with no problems, although my payment plans are very flexible!

Contact and suit creation

Contact is done via telegram, instagram, messanger or mail. All updates and works in progress pictures are sent via private chat, along with guides and a link to the Waiting List where the customer can see their location in the queue. Wips will be sent when available, or when I’m working on. Suits can be created anonymously at buyers request.

Working with minors (Under 18s)

We reserves the right to decline any commission from a person who is under the age of 18. Buyers who are under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian who can purchase on their behalf. This is because of PayPal’s terms of service, which disallows minors to use their service.

I don’t work with people UNDER 18s for heads or bodysuits.

If you are a minor wanting a commission, ask your parents to contact me on your behalf before sending anything else.

You MUST be 18+ to order custom items from me. I will ask for ID proof if necessary. 

Copyrighted characters

I refuses to make any characters under copyright. This includes but is not limited to: Pokemon, disney, anime, pixar, etc. I CAN create original versions of Pokemon characters, but not officialy versions of them.

This is due to legal reasons and copyright.

The ones you can see in my website (like the Lamb form Cult of the Lamb) are not for sale and are my property as a cosplay.

Cancellation and refunds

As mentioned in Deposit and Payments, the deposit is non refundable. If the buyer wish to cancel their commission before work has started, the excess payments after deposit can be refunded at the makers pace. Refunds may take time.

Once work has started, no refunds shall be given. If the buyer cancel commission after work has started and has not paid in full, the work will be completed with some changes and resold as a premade.

If I (myself as the seller, not the customer/buyer’s discretion) decide that a refund is required, I could not be able to refund the full amount. I could cancel an order if the customer violated the ToS or 

Please be sure you are financially stable before you send in this application. Fursuits are LUXURY items and should not come before basic necessities.
I can cancel your commission in case you will become aggressive, harassing, ecc. or you delay with payments. Is not necessary to ask continuously for Wips, since we will send them.  

Style and artistic liberties

By commissioning me you acknowledge that we have our own unique style. You also agree to not ask us to copy a style not owned by Random Rituals.
I can also accept "Artistic Liberties" commissions, for mor info please contact me.

Character changes

If you wish to make an alteration to your character design or other significant changes not listed on reference sheet, it’s possible until we started to cut the fur fabric. Will be sent photos of the line pattern thet requires the approval.

Please do not order a custom unless you are sure about the colors or design to be slightly off! I will do my best to stick with your ideas but please remember that some designs or colors do not translate well into physical costumes and I will have to take artistic liberty on some things.

Warranty and repairs

All suits come with a 30 day warranty from the day it’s sent out, that covers things of the makers fault, such as popped seams or missing features. I am not responsible for any damage caused by shipping. Repairs done under warranty are 100% at the makers expense. Repairs done outside of warranty will be done at a rate of materials + shippings. If you are using your suit incorrectly (swimming in it, airsoft, dirty suits, etc) then I am unable to fix that.

Reference images

For a commission I require a minimum 2 view reference sheet, a 3 or more view reference sheet may be required for more complicated characters. Random Rituals is not responsible for inaccuracies in design due to out of date, or unclear reference sheets.

Media usage

All character rights remain the intellectual property of the commissioner, however I reserve the right to use images of their creations for promotional purposes or on social media.

Ghosting/no contact

If a customer fails to respond to contact attempts within 48 hours, a 24 hours warning will be issued. Failure to respond within the timeframe will result in cancellation of commission with no refund given.


My work is, by nature, handmade, so there may be imperfections/errors in the suits creation, none of these errors should impact the wearability of the suit, but commissioners need to be aware that handmade items will always have imperfections.

Other Info

If something comes up and you have an issue with me or my work, CONTACT ME. I am here to discuss and help. It will not be tolerated if you start posting against me or my work without discussing the issues with me first. I’m here to help, and I want to talk through issues, it won’t hurt my feelings. I’m here to make the suit the best as I can for you and I’m more than willing to talk and discuss what I can do for you :)


@random_rituals on Instagram

@random_rituals on Twitter

@random_hellhound on Telegram

Random Rituals on Facebook

I am more active on Instagram and Telegram, this is bests places to contact me if you are looking for an almost immediate response.


Thank you for reading this far! 

Random the Hellhound

(Random Rituals)

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